Petizione per Pat Tillman

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To: NFL Hall of Fame

“Any fan may nominate any qualified person who has been connected with pro football in any capacity simply by writing to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.” That’s what it says on the Pro Football’s Hall of Fame website. Well, I would like to nominate a man who participated in football, and later left it to participate in fighting for his country.

Pat Tillman, of the Arizona Cardinals was killed April 22 2004, while fighting over seas. He left the NFL, after 9-11, and chose what was more important to him. To fight for his country during a time of need. 18,000 dollars over 3 million. The chance of death everyday over a game and a safer life.

While Tillman, might not have collected Hall of Fame numbers in his short career, he deserves to be forever remembered, as one of the great men who participated in the game, and realized there was more to life then the gridiron and money. This man was a true patriot, who wanted no special attention to his decision that many would never act on.

Please sign this petition to inform the NFL, the Hall of Fame, and the world that Pat Tillman’s actions should not be forgotten any time soon.



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